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myCondoBooks is a comprehensive online association management software solution for condominiums and homeowner associations.

Learn more about how our team sets and maintains high standards in order to provide our customers with a user-friendly, effective, and cost-efficient solution supported by dedicated customer service.

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About Us

Running a self-managed homeowner association is a very large responsibility that can often be very time-consuming and frustrating. Busy with your job, family, and hectic life, it can be difficult to stay on top of collecting HOA dues, managing your association's finances, day-to-day operations, and other responsibilities of running a self-managed homeowner association.

With limited budgets and options, self-managed homeowner associations often turn to spreadsheets or word processing software to manage their budget and finances and keep track of association operations. However, with myCondoBooks, you no longer need to spend time, effort, and money using multiple applications or spreadsheets to manage your association. myCondoBooks brings, and carries through, everything you need on a single, comprehensive, online platform.

myCondoBooks, a leading online homeowner association management software, is designed specifically to meet the association management needs of self-managed homeowner associations. The comprehensive application allows self-managed homeowners associations to easily manage their budget and financials, track and communicate with unit owners, locate and manage local service providers, store important documents, and more. myCondoBooks's intuitive, clean interface and easy-to-use features, as well as our dedication to exceptional support, make myCondoBooks simple to use for all users.

myCondoBooks transforms homeowner association management from a tedious, unorganized process, into an efficient, stress-free, and effective practice. A completely online solution, users can access myCondoBooks from anywhere with internet access—and with bank level security, associations can trust that their information is secure. myCondoBooks also includes unit level access for increased transparency, as well as affordable pricing, making it the only tool that self-managed homeowner associations need for all of their association management needs.

Our Mission

Plainly stated, the myCondoBooks mission is to make managing your homeowner association efficient and fun.

The company was started by a condominium association treasurer who was tired of letting the task of managing his condo association’s accounts take over his life. He created myCondoBooks - a system through which users could handle financial matters, find service providers, and contact other unit owners, all in one place. But it was also clear to this developer that if he should build such a solution, it wouldn’t make sense for the program to cause more headaches than did the initial problem. In these tough economic times, that meant that the service had to be intuitive, user-friendly, rich in features, yet easy-to-use.

The solution he developed benefits everyone. Homeowner and condominium associations can use the system to better manage and organize, while service providers use it to promote their business. The goal is to get everyone connected. In doing so, we, at myCondoBooks, hope to buy everybody a little more time to enjoy life beyond shared expenses.

Because your afternoons are better spent laughing with your neighbors than arguing with them.

Dedicated Support

At myCondoBooks, we are dedicated to providing a level of service and support that exceeds our customers' expectations.

Although we have developed myCondoBooks to be easy, user-friendly, and intuitive for our users, we recognize that you may have a question or stumble upon a problem. We know how frustrating it can be wading through FAQs and help sections. With myCondoBooks, you can simply send us an email to connect one-on-one with one of our team members who will personally meet your needs.

Send us an email and we will get back to you within one business day. 

Have an idea that you would like to see implemented in myCondoBooks? Let us know!

We love hearing from our customers and always listen to user feedback so we can develop and implement enhancements in order to improve myCondoBooks for our users.