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How can I track details about my units?

With our expanded unit details page, you can now track more information about your units, like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, if pets are allowed, and any restrictions in place. Simply go to Manage Units > Unit Details and select the unit you would like to edit. Select the pencil icon to add details about the unit.

How can I record payments to Service Providers, if they're not in my Service Provider Directory?

When recording expenses to third-party service providers, you can easily enter the name of any provider. If they’re not already in your Service Provider Directory, they will automatically be added.

What happened to credits?

We’ve made it easier to track your units’ balances by eliminating credits. The Total Unit Balance Due reflects all charges, payments, and refunds. If the balance is positive, the unit owes money. If it’s negative, the unit is ahead on payments.

Why am I seeing transactions labeled "Paid from Credit"?

With our latest update to the software, we have moved away from the notion of “credits.” Now, when users overpay, their Total Balance Due will simply show as a negative amount. There is no longer a need to apply credits to specific transactions. In order to switch over to this new way of accounting, the system has automatically moved all units’ accumulated credits to “paid from credit” transactions.

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