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Financial Tools

Easily and securely manage your homeowner association’s finances, budget, and service providers.

Expense and Income Tracking

  • Track association expenses and record income
  • Unit fees
  • Late fees
  • Special assessments
  • Apply credits
  • Automatic emails to unit owners


  • Track, analyze, and maintain your homeowner association’s budget
  • Track bank account balances
  • Transfer funds between your operating account and reserve account
  • Simple access to a complete picture of your budget

Service Provider Management

  • Search for and find local service providers
  • Add your preferred service providers
  • Maintain provider contact information
  • Track payments to providers
  • Screenshot of Unit Payment History page
  • Screenshot of Service Provider Profile
  • Screenshot of Budgeting page

Unit Management Tools

Track and manage your units and important documents with direct access and communication with unit owners.


  • Increase transparency by giving unit owners access to myCondoBooks
  • Post updates & announcements
  • Answer unit owners’ questions
  • Send reminders & notes to units
  • Discussion boards enhance participation and foster a sense of community

Unit Tracking

The secure framework allows you to manage units’:

  • Contact information
  • Balances
  • Transaction histories
  • Emergency contacts
  • Ownership periods, and more

Document Management

  • Securely upload and store unlimited documents
  • Gain instant online access to all of your homeowner association’s documents
  • Efficiently manage your association with all important documents stored in one location
  • Screenshot of Unit Details page
  • Screenshot of Discussion Board
  • Screenshot of Documents page

Community Tools

Join the myCondoBooks community and connect with other members of homeowner associations around the world.

myCondoBooks Community

  • Connect with other members of the myCondoBooks community
  • Learn best practices for HOA management
  • Discuss any issues your HOA is facing with other myCondoBooks users
  • Enhance participation among HOA members
Community of condo association members

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