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financials, communication, documents, and more.

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Financial Tools

Easily and securely manage your homeowner association’s finances, budget, and service providers.

Expense and Income Tracking

  • Track association expenses and record income
  • Unit fees
  • Late fees
  • Special assessments
  • Apply credits
  • Automatic emails to unit owners


  • Track, analyze, and maintain your homeowner association’s budget
  • Track bank account balances
  • Transfer funds between your operating account and reserve account
  • Simple access to a complete picture of your budget

Service Provider Management

  • Search for and find local service providers
  • Add your preferred service providers
  • Maintain provider contact information
  • Track payments to providers

Unit Management Tools

Track and manage your units and important documents with direct access and communication with unit owners.


  • Increase transparency by giving unit owners access to myCondoBooks
  • Post updates & announcements
  • Answer unit owners’ questions
  • Send reminders & notes to units
  • Discussion boards enhance participation and foster a sense of community

Unit Tracking

The secure framework allows you to manage units’:

  • Contact information
  • Balances
  • Transaction histories
  • Emergency contacts
  • Ownership periods, and more

Document Management

  • Securely upload and store unlimited documents
  • Gain instant online access to all of your homeowner association’s documents
  • Efficiently manage your association with all important documents stored in one location

Community Tools

Join the myCondoBooks community and connect with other members of homeowner associations around the world.

myCondoBooks Community

  • Connect with other members of the myCondoBooks community
  • Learn best practices for HOA management
  • Discuss any issues your HOA is facing with other myCondoBooks users
  • Enhance participation among HOA members
Community of condo association members

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